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At Home with Lynne
“You are not broken; childhood suffering is not a mortal wound, and it did
not irrevocably shape your destiny.
Your challenge is not to keep trying to repair what was damaged;
Your practice instead is to REAWAKEN what is already wise, strong, and
WHOLE within you, to cultivate those qualities of heart and spirit that
are available to you this VERY MOMENT”.
At Home with  Lynne


Neuro Linguistic Programming really explains how a human being be’s human and how we got the way we are today emotionally, mentally, and physically and how to change what no longer works for us - very specifically, and very practically. It talks about our senses. How we see inside of us, and see outside of us. The different ways of seeing. What is involved in seeing? The same with our hearing - inside and outside of us, our tonality, volume, and tempo. And our emotional and tactile sensations and feelings.

NLP provides the ability to look at an interaction / experience with someone or yourself objectively, and start organizing what you’re inputting in a way that’s much more useful. You can develop behavioral flexibility where none existed before. It’s an incredible technology and a powerful and practical user-friendly contribution to the 21st century for personal and professional excellence and success.

If you were a scientist and you wanted to send a probe out into space, what would you want that probe to have so it you could gather information for you and be able to stabilize itself in a foreign element? Basically through our Spirit, we’re an earth probe. We’re this divine creation that has come here with our probe (our sensory system and how we input data) and then we have this mind that develops over time predicated on the experiences we have early on in life. However, with our mind also comes our emotions and feelings that create experiences in our lives and all of these elements are used to make sense of ‘how do I live in this environment?’

NLP very well covers that probe experience, the human, the bio-computer, however, what I have felt was lacking was the acknowledgment and understanding of Spirit having the human experience. It was kind of left out. And isn’t in my realm or my way to dictate to you any kind of a religion or even a philosophy. What is my desire is for you to tap that part of you so that it has more doorways inside of you so that it can start to integrate and blend with the beauty you were the moment you took your first breath. That person (you), that baby, was whole and complete, pure, innocent, wise and enlightened in a total state of grace. ‘I’ve come here to love and be loved.’ That pureness of being of that baby boy or baby girl are still right with you. That being can never, ever leave you. For they are you.

The purpose of my work and the courses I offer you will build the connections between you as the human and you as Spirit, so they interface and allow you to have more than your mind could ever dreamed was possible! Because your Spirit is like that baby. It’s that pure state of love and it knows more of what you truly want than that mind will ever try to figure out for you. And life is a dance, a balance between the conscious human, the sub-conscious and unconscious minds, the physical body and the Spirit. I call this Exceptional Human Functioning, The Study of the Art of Living and it is an essential complement to NLP.

EHF approaches our behavior with the greater understanding of the intention that drives and sustains each one of us. On one level, your intention is your behavior (and your outcome), therefore as an example is if you just want everything to be your own way, people may say you’re very controlling. And that issue must be looked at. However, there’s a deeper level driving that behavior and intention and it always comes down to – in every single circumstance – wanting to be loved.

So let’s talk about love. The biggest thing I’d like you to know right now is that Every Emotion is Acceptable. The biggest secret is it always has been acceptable. It’s what you do with it, how you honor it that’s up for discussion. If this acceptance were truly known by us and taught to us, judgment would have no power, therefore this is the first seeding of conditional love. The only job emotionally that you have as a human being is to be truthful to you. Once you can be truthful to you and allow whatever the truth is to be, then that is the biggest step you can take in your whole life. If I’m feeling nervous, that’s the truth of it. If I’m feeling wonderful, if I’m feeling sensual, if I’m feeling angry, if I’m feeling sad, if I’m feeling disgusting, if I’m feeling self loathing, if I’m feeling amazingly incredible… none of those are greater or less than to the Spirit. They’re all states of honesty. Spirit doesn’t want you to be the good boy, the good girl, to look good, to look right. It simply wants you to be in your truth and that truth immediately expands to a greater truth and a greater truth and so on. So emotion-wise your job is just allow any emotion you have ever had to Be. This doesn’t necessarily mean ‘act on it’. That’s a totally different realm and a lot of people confuse those two, something we’ll get to.

What is it you want? Try to be as specific as possible. What is your goal, your desired state, your dreams? I’ll give you examples of what I mean. “I’d like to be able to feel better about myself.” It could be that simple. “I’d like to be able to feel confident at work, more loving with my wife, with my husband. I’d like to be able to have a greater impact in my communication to achieve my goals. I’d like to have more choices.” Whatever it is for you.

Within the pages of this website are presented user-friendly practical tools skills understandings and techniques to garner that wisdom as quickly as you allow it with ease, grace and dignity. And yes, you are right it will take time for time is your tool to use as well. You have only to have an open mind and be willing to accept greater wisdom and then (and this is the most important part), to utilize and apply the wisdom, the tools, the skills as though your very life’s happiness, freedom and success depends up it, because it does.

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